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Find your prints charming

So I’m generally not one to wear a lot of colour. In fact, any colour. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but have never felt that comfortable in it. But the recent trend for bold patterns has got me pushing the boat out sartorially. I recently invested in a gorgeous, teal, owl print skirt from People Tree (sale bargain, £16). Yes me, teal, owls. Unbelieveable.

I’ve always applauded People Tree’s ethics and fair trading but not necessarily its designs. Well, hold the phone. The teal owl skirt has opened up a whole new shopping opportunity for outlaws.

This is top of my spring purchases list. I love the colour, the style and I love the print. It’s retro, bold and punchy and would look awesome with black (every top I own). Now, @stheoutlaw and myself are Orla Kiely fans – we’ll no doubt be featuring her beautiful work in later blogs – and this print is a real homage to Ms Orla, but with a more ‘high street’ price tag.

Don’t all buy it – I don’t want to turn up at parties in the same outfit as you.

See this and more at People Tree



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