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Tiling around

My husband and I love Portugal and have been lucky enough to visit a number of times. When we’re there, we always visit a the lovely little town called Sao Bras, near Estoi. Not only is it set in stunning surroundings, it also has fabulous old buildings with beautiful, coloured tiles. Oh and the local restaurants are incredible!

(Photos by @stheoutlaw)

I’ve often thought about how to incorporate some of those lovely tiles into our Sussex home, but after spending  hours researching, I couldn’t find anything that worked. Who’d have thought that hand-painted tiles were so expensive?!

My answer, become a millionaire (unlikely even with my weekly lottery ticket) or drive to Portugal and bring some back. As neither of these options are particularly practical, I’m so pleased I found out about the vinyl floor revolution. Look at these beauties.

And there’s lots more like this out there.

Happy tiling around everyone!


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