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Baby gifts; not for the practical

My best friend and his wife just had a baby – a gorgeous mini him with her eyes. As exciting as a new baby is, it meant I had to find another decent pressie for a baby, and I’m not one for a practical gift. Previous baby gifts from me have included tutus (who doesn’t need one of these?), a descant recorder and a jigsaw. Unsurprisingly, I am rarely asked to be a godmother.

Upon jtheoutlaw’s birth (not her real name), I went into shopping overdrive. Her parents have exquisite outlaw eccentric taste and no ordinary pressie would suffice. So, realising I had to bring my ‘A’ game, I headed straight for Donna Wilson and her Lovesick Llama toy.

Llamas have a special place in my friendship with this particular family – we all enjoy animals with a disproportionate sense of their own importance – and it seemed completely sensible to introduce the newest outlaw to the wonder of llamas. And doesn’t everyone secretly want to buy the baby that one cuddly toy that becomes ‘the one’ for years to come. Mine is a very bedraggled Bedtime Care Bear, called Care Bear. Let’s hope the llama fares better in the name stakes.

Donna Wilson, who is an incredible textile/homewares designer, has wonderful things for big and small people alike. I particularly covet her wonderful jumpers that almost make you long for the return of Winter. And don’t think I also didn’t notice the fab llama plate and mug set – that’s been ‘pinned’ for jtheoutlaw’s 1st birthday present.






ktheoutlaw, late 30s, brunette, with a Labrador and anxiety

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