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Bedside table perfection: is there such a thing?

If I say bedside table, what does it mean to you? Is it: small, medium, large, freestanding, wall mounted, ceiling suspended, with drawers, without drawers, wooden, metal, plastic, flat pack, with shelf, marble top, wooden, plastic, painted, natural, legs, no legs, lots of storage, no storage? The options are endless and are only restricted by your imagination. And therein lies the problem, finding what you’ve imagined.

For what feels like years now I’ve been searching for what I consider to be the perfect bedside table; something compact, simplistic in design, that’s able to give you hidden storage but cope with charging multiple devices in a fumble-free way. I’ve bought many a bedside table; you can see discarded ones dotted around the house.

But am I just looking for something that doesn’t exist? I’m not ready to give in just yet, as I don’t want to follow the herd with a bog standard table. I’m adamant that my perfection is out there. So maybe it’s time to pass over the search to the talented @ktheoutlaw to help me find bedside table perfection.




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