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Stop and smell the scented candles

Now, someone commented to me the other day that the scented candle was the ‘go to’ gift for someone you don’t know well or don’t care enough to shop for. I take some umbrage with this because I absolutely love a scented candle and think they make a great gift, with a little thought.

In my fireplace right now are candles from Urban Apothecary, Jo Malone, Diptyque, Beefayre, Neom and Orla Kiely. There’s also a candle that we brought back from our honeymoon at the Lenox Hotel in Boston – it’s the hotel’s signature scent.

A good scented candle can transport you to another time, place or mood. In the last year or so I’ve suffered quite badly with anxiety and have found that smell is an incredibly powerful way to help; the right scent can help calm me or improve my mood.

For Christmas, my husband bought me a set of candles by Max Benjamin. I’d not heard of this make before and I’d assumed he had just gone onto the Amara website (a favourite coveting haunt of mine) and picked one. And he had done that, but chosen this make specifically as they are from the county in Ireland that my ancestors were from, Wicklow. Yes, I am lucky, he is very thoughtful.

Anyway, I bloody love them. The quality is excellent and the scents are really wonderful. I am quite sensitive to chemical-heavy perfumes and get headaches, so I am quite picky about what I have in my house. The packaging is very plain, which at first I saw as a negative, but actually I now really like as they will fit in any room quite unobtrusively.

Suffice to say, I recently bought a couple of new ones and am writing this while enjoying ‘Uplifting’; part of the twin Wellbeing set (which is currently on sale at Houseology, FYI). Do yourself a favour, buy some and light up.



ktheoutlaw, late 30s, brunette, with a Labrador and anxiety

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