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Don’t cut a (William Morris) rug

Last year, I visited the William Morris/Andy Warhol (Love is Enough) exhibition at the wonderful Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. As a fully paid up member of the Andy Warhol fan club, it was no surprise that I loved every inch of his work. What surprised me, was how much I absolutely loved the William Morris.

Don’t get me wrong, I have always liked many of his prints and I adore Art Nouveau, but when it comes to having it in my home or seeing it every day, I previously found it a wee bit old fashioned. I picture it in an overwhelming way, with dark furniture and dingy light.

What this exhibition reminded me is how great it is to mismatch your styles.  When it comes to you and your style, there is no rule book. You like it? You have it. And putting traditionally conflcting styles together can result in a triumph. I can honestly say that the Warhols looked better hung on the Morris wallpaper than they have ever done on the stark white walls of the Tate Modern or MoMA in New York.

Turns out, a little Morris mixed with other styles and prints fills me with enthusiasm. John Lewis has got into this action and is currently selling this delicious William Morris rug and I am very in love with it. Imagine this with bold walls and differing furniture old and new.

Do you think it’s dog hair friendly?





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