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With knobs on: why settle for the manufacturer’s choice?

Last year, the other half and I succumbed to a two year problem and finally bought furniture for our bedroom. At first we didn’t buy any as we had just moved house and frankly didn’t have the available cash. In the latter part of that time, we feared we would be moving again  so it was why buy anything we may not need or may not fit in the next house.

Given the qualifications above, I compromised on my normal exhaustive 3-month intensive search for the ‘perfect’ piece for the room. And opted for a quick and dirty Ikea delivery.

To be clear, I love Ikea – solid, cheap and reliable. But I am selective about what I like. If you’re an Ikea fan too, I hope you have discovered Ikea Hackers, a website where you can see other people’s ‘upcycled’ or refashioned Ikea purchases. Whilst surfing this site with every intention of turning my purchase into a similar masterpiece, I had a sudden realisation that, unlike the wildly talented @stheoutlaw, I have no patience and no practical skills. So, instead, I opted to just customise my furniture by adding new handles and knobs.

Cue the great knob search of 2015.

I love my new furniture (I’ll spare you the photos as I really am not that crafty), but I’m now more than a little obsessed with changing every knob or handle I own. Of course, house move ban still applies, but can we all just join together in a huge celebration of how insanely cute and magnificent these Anthropologie knobs are.

Now, what future furniture can future me add these to?



ktheoutlaw, late 30s, brunette, with a Labrador and anxiety

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