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Sunday morning coffee

I love coffee. I love the smell, I love the taste, I love it in cake. But caffeine and I have an ‘it’s complicated’ relationship. If I drink it when I’m tired, I can almost guarantee I’ll get a migraine within an hour, and sometimes, for no reason at all, I’ll get a migraine when I drink it fully awake and refreshed.

My husband is a Northerner but interestingly hadn’t ever had coffee until a fateful day in Kingston-Upon-Thames about 4 years ago, when I’d dragged him up at an ungodly hour to drive me to John Lewis for my birthday (yes, a walk around John Lewis was my birthday treat – we don’t have one locally). A latte later and he’s hooked and now drinks the hard stuff; espressos, black coffees, a flat white if he’s pushing the boat out.

We now have a smorgasbord of coffee equipment in the kitchen, most of which was bought on our road trip to Italy a few of years ago. Whilst I understand it all makes a good coffee, it:

  1. takes up a lot of space (and he uses 10% of it)
  2. is all a bit old and knackered now
  3. is not this delightful espresso maker by a brand fave of mine, Alessi

Am now petitioning husband to allow me to get it for him/us for Easter (we’re both on a boring diet at the moment so no choccie eggs for us…yet). I’m not sure it’ll make it through the spending embargo but I remain, as always, hopeful.



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