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Hold on a New York minute…

If you’re half the stationery obsessive I am (anyone else have a greeting cards drawer?), you’ll know that one notebook at any given time is just not sufficient. I don’t like to complicate my ideas, so each new idea/project needs a new notebook. I currently have a hoard of them, various makes and sizes and I love them.

Last year I treated myself to a Smythson diary for the first time. A gorgeous yellow leather diary, filled with their trademark sky blue soft paper, with lots of totally irrelevant but fascinating info about the Hong Kong underground, vintage wine details and hunting seasons. It is bloody lovely and I have adored using it instead of my boring work phone. Luckily, the husband bought me a 2016 replacement for our wedding anniversary in February, so soon I shall be starting my vibrant orange mid-year diary – another reason to wish May would come sooner.

To celebrate the opening of Smythson’s first store in New York (another obsession of mine), they have launched these delicious New York themed notebooks (6 in total) with different NYC illustrations on them, ranging from brownstones, skyscrapers and the Brooklyn bridge. They are still filled with their lovely sky blue paper – and what better a tool to document my new blogging ideas than this?

Just don’t point out to the husband all the other notebooks in my office… Sshh!



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