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When two great women get together…Kate Spade x Minnie Mouse

So I have a real fetish for a handful of brands. You know the ones where you automatically want to buy anything new they produce, even if it’s not really your style.

Kate Spade is one of these brands for me. I love the classic styles of the bags, the quality is excellent, use of colour always pops and both the clothing and jewellery is very my style.

So imagine my excitement when they announced their collaboration with one of my heroes – Minnie Mouse. I love a bit of Disney – when my friend took her 10 year old on a Disney cruise last Summer, I pestered them every day before their trip to bring me home some Minnie ears. And when my then friend (now husband) went to Florida in 2007, that’s what he brought me home. Suffice to say we started dating a few months later. Turns out Minnie ears are a way to this girl’s heart.

I pinned this a few days ago when the collection launched and today I notice some of the items are already gone. I hope they restock the whole collection soon as I hadn’t started my mental wish list yet.

But enjoy these gorgeous items (specifically the ears iPhone 6 case) and treat yourself to the joy of some Minnie ears.



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