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Pots to get you into gardening

In the last 18 months, I have tried my very best to get into gardening. In our current house, we have spent most free days and many expensive pounds completely clearing and redesigning our garden. Only to now be leaving.

Turns out, gardening is an entirely new shopping opportunity. There are things you can buy for the garden I’ve never even heard of before. It’s exciting and terrifying in equal measures. But never one to shy away from a wee bit of shopping, I leapt in with both feet.

The thing is, I’m a flower person. Bushes, shrubs, not so much. So from April – September the garden is amazing and the rest of the time it’s just not that interesting to me. I quickly learnt that there are other things (non-plant things) that can make a garden more interesting to me. Yes, I like gardens that are magical, quirky, disordered, almost wild in style with quirky little touches stashed in corners. We went salvage shopping and I was delighted with my wrought iron gate panel (to be used as a climber frame), an old Belfast sink (for my alpines) and a couple of chimney pots (into which I have placed some plants in pots so it looks like they are growing out the chimney). I also bought some colanders (to make hanging baskets) and I’m looking for broken vintage teapots to use as planters too.

As well as salvage shopping, or trawling through vintage shops and fairs, if you’re more of a ‘path of least resistance’ person,  you can also find some interesting and beautiful planters on the high street. I’m currently coveting these delights from Anthropologie.

Not sure if I prefer the jade green planter

or the coral window sill herb pot

With Spring here, it’s time to get stuck into the gardening again.



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