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Nice pair of jugs #sfw

I was given a beautiful Cornishware jug by @stheoutlaw and another outlaw pal a few years ago. It’s lovely. And it matches my Cornishware crockery (which I also love).

But, the thing is, I don’t really like things that match. I like things that compliment but have character.

So the Cornishware jug is now a fabulous vase in the living room so cue a hunt for a new water jug to go on the table for dinner. As you may have gathered, I’m not the kind of person to pop to the nearest jug stockist and pick one. I have to make sure I look at every jug ever made to feel comfortable enough with whichever lucky jug I choose.

I thought I’d share my current top pair of jugs, although the search is very far from over.

Jug 1 is quite simply a ceramic delight from one of my faves, Jonathan Adler. Also, it’s a whale. I don’t feel it needs more qualification.

Jug 2 is an absolutely knock out owl vase by the amazing Hannah Turner which, as you can see from the photo, would also work beautifully as a vase. It’s also a total steal in price, which makes me want to order two so I can give one to my mum as well.

So which to choose? Have you found any jugs that I need to know about?



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