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Copper is the new black

I heart copper. I know, I know, it could be a fleeting fad, but I almost don’t care. It’s warm and interesting and I’m thrilled to see it  everywhere. I’m also very excited that Rose Gold is making a jewellery come back – another favourite of mine.

So here are my current favourite picks if you’re looking for a bit of copper to sharpen up your pad. If this was a proper interiors blog, we’d be telling you to only use a metallic to highlight an area. But we don’t follow the herd here at wearetheoutlaws so use metallic however you darn well please.

Stow, an innovative new industrial style storage unit from the ever exciting and affordable Made shows you just how awesome a bit of copper can be. This would make a fab storage unit for a bedroom or it would be just as good in an office (note to self).

If you’re looking for a housewarming (hint hint) or birthday gift for someone in the copper vein, check out this gorgeous cocktail shaker available at the always fabulous Anthropologie. It’s a lovely unfussy style that you’d be happy to have on display, and I’ve noticed more and more drinks trolleys on my shopping travels. I think that old style drinks/cocktails display is coming back in style – another thing to thank Mad Men for.

Graham & Green are a great online shop with fab finds and both @stheoutlaw and I have a few of their bits. But, they can be a wee bit pricey, so I generally wait until they have sales  to get my bargains. BUT this little piece of copper joy is very affordable and in one of my fave styles, art deco.

My mother, mumtheoutlaw, is always telling me that lots of shelving just means more things to dust, and she’s not wrong. But it’s also a great way of displaying your beautiful things, or you can use it more practically in a bathroom for toiletries, perfumes or lovely little plants. I say it’s worth the extra dusting for this.



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