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Seating to Swoon over

Swoon Editions is another online furniture store with which you should become better acquainted. I have a couple of their pieces and the quality is excellent. They make fabulous and fashionable pieces of furniture at ‘better than high street’ prices. What’s not to like? One thing to be aware of is you’re ordering solely online and they make to order so you’ll normally be waiting a few months, but the reviews are great and, from my limited experience, their customer service has been excellent.

These are two of my current favourite picks for seating from them – it’s worth signing up for their email as they do occasionally do collaborations adding even more fabulous fabrics to their uber cool designs.

Duke is a very cool 50s-esque cocktail chair. Perfect as an accent piece in any room (I’d love two of them as end of the table dining chairs too) and it pretty much rocks any of the colours available. I have a very soft spot for Schiaparelli (a very corally pink) having recently bought a pair of awesome shoes in this colour. Surely your shoes should always match your seating.

Having coveted the Karla chair for some time, it’s no surprise that I’m also in the market for the two seater sofa version. I love the Mid Century feel to this and the simplicity of the fabric with the wooden frame.

One important thing to note with Swoon is they tend to do limited runs on their furniture, so if you miss out, you may not get another chance. If you see it and like it, order it and enjoy it.



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