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Salted caramel – enough said

A very good friend of mine, ltheoutlaw, got me hooked on salted caramel a good few years ago. It started with Laduree salted caramel macaron (amazing; you should try) and this morphed into Artisan du Chocolat’s No1 Salted Caramels original (amazing; you should try). Even the other half who avoids salt like the plague enjoyed my salted caramel ice cream in Quebec (amazing; you should try, though it’s a long way to go).

Now I’m dieting (very boring but very necessary), I can’t indulge my salted caramel infatuations…until now. Imagine how thrilled I was to find this ray of sunshine. All the joy of salted caramel and NONE of the calories.

Jo Loves is the brainchild of Jo Malone (of Jo Malone perfumes fame) – she started the business a few years after selling off Jo Malone to a big multinational beauty firm. Now, that aside, I love a Jo Malone perfume as I find them more natural than some of the other makes and thus I’m less likely to get a headache. I’ve yet to try a Jo Loves product but if the quality is up there with Jo’s original brand, then no doubt this is amazing.

This is going on my birthday list. Hurry up September.



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