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Sometimes I listen to my husband

Not often, but occasionally, the husband has some informative shopping tips. Credit where it’s due, this very day he single handedly found the perfect pair of shoes for mumtheoutlaw to wear to a christening. Now, to be fair, I had handed her every other pair to try but she still bought his selection. So rarely I try my best to listen to him.

A few days ago he brought Charlotte Clark to my attention. A facebook friend of his from uni had had a photo of her pieces shared by the designer and so he saw them. Now. Charlotte Clark’s work could be described as macabre and it reminds me of that old Victorian-esque fascination with anatomy. I should add that as the husband is a paramedic, he also likes anatomical things – he’d never show me something he didn’t like.

These are my top two picks from Charlotte Clark (as well as the fab card I featured a few days back).

A vase is always a good gift in my book – normally with a few flowers in – and this is a very cool vase. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs after all? My nephews would go nuts for this, but don’t worry, I’m not letting them anyway near anything made of china.

If you’re looking for new crockery or, like me, secretly love a plate hanging on a wall, you might enjoy this quirky creation. I particularly like the juxtaposition of the fragility of the moths with the coarseness of the barbed wire. Frankly, it’s just very cool.

Have a look through the rest of her site; there’s definitely something for everyone.




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