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Wall lights; not all old hat

A few years ago, wall lights were a thing of the jaded past, seemingly dated and very not en vogue. But I’ve spotted them springing up all over the shop and I’ve got to admit, I love ’em.

The first that caught my eye, and not only because @stheoutlaw has them, was the phenomenally spectacular Innermost Jeeves wall lamps. They are from the Jeeves and Wooster (a top hat) lighting collection, and if you haven’t seen them, you should. I considered these for our dining area and now we’re moving I’m glad I didn’t, as I couldn’t have left them behind.

For a more industrial feel, I particularly like the Toby wall lamp from Loaf. Unlike the Innermost, these are a little more traditional, but with a modern twist. I like the metal feel with the brass and grey and I think these could work in a variety of spaces, but particularly a kitchen.

But my current top choice for the new house, and completely out of budget, is the delicious Ball light available from twentytwentyone.  The simplicity of the design, with the clean shapes and the crisp gold is a real statement. Even though it’s a small light feature, this could be a real statement as a single piece. For me, at this price, it’d have to be. But it’s always worth punching above your shopping weight.



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