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Art for all (or me)

Nothing brings personality to a space more than art. Whether it’s your own, scribbles by your little ones, prints bought on the high street or something unique and pricey, it doesn’t matter. I find art completely inspiring; like surrounding yourself with beautiful things that open your mind.

And you can move art from room to room to bring some variety or, if like me you prefer the affordable stuff, just change it up every once in a while. Here’s a selection of my top choices for my new pad – what do you think?

I have a couple of pieces from Eugenia Loli already – I love her work and I really enjoy supporting an individual artist. Randomly, it seems we share a town in common too as she used to live where I was born (interesting fact discovered during email communications with her to complete my first order). I love the greens in this contrasted with the gorgeous red hair of the pin-up style woman.

Whilst shopping with @stheoutlaw recently in the always pleasurable John Lewis, we spotted this lovely piece, Staructure by Simon C Page. One of the advantages of buying from a large store is that this is available in different sizes and frames, so you can personalise the piece to fit your space. I love a graphic print, and the stars add charm. Would be lovely over a sofa, adding some interest to a plain lounge.

And, finally, albeit not a print, I’m in love with these porcelain swallows on Etsy. Etsy is a great marketplace for unique things, often antiques or homemade.  These are made by PrinceDesignUK and I particularly like the Moroccan print on the ceramic that gives it depth. As a metallics fan, I’d go for these in gold but there are other options too.



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