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Pretty up your patios

So, big news from @ktheoutlaw HQ, we may, and I mean may, have found a new house. It’s cute and small with a quirky layout and a little garden.

This move is a bit of a downsize/relocation combo for us, so I need to learn to appreciate space and konmari the hell out of my possessions before we move. Whilst it might be smaller and an unsual layout, it is also cheaper, functional and 12 minutes from a dog-friendly beach. Yep, it’s a seaside move. I figured it would be the only way to convince friends and family to come and visit us.

Having an idea of what we might be moving to has made me feel calmer about the whole relocation thing (even though it was my idea) and reignited my joy of house planning (and shopping). Cue a full on bank holiday weekend of online browsing, so prepare yourself for a few weeks of stuff that very likely may appear in my new house.

First up, has these gorgeous outdoor chairs. I love being outside and just resting in the sunshine – it’s very calming. It has always bothered me that outdoor furniture is either boring dark wood or boring dark metal. Or even worse, dark plastic. So imagine my delight at these lovely Copa dining chairs.

Now as much as I like these chairs, I have to be honest, I hate the matching table. But that doesn’t faze me. Just gives me another shopping challenge to find something that would work with these.

At £150 for two, they are pretty decent value for money and will lift a fairly plain lawn or patio with bright colours and modern patterns.



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