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I have a confession…

Ok, so I have never been a particularly girly girl. I like dresses, but not pastels and whilst I generally wear skirts, I like bold, quirky prints. I don’t know what has happened to me over the past year, but I have noticed a worrying development. I like pink.

You’re as shocked as I am. Pink. Of all the colours. I have never liked it before, but recently I’ve been pinning more and more pink, peony and puce.

First off, I viewed a house with a guest room painted in Farrow & Ball’s Calamine. It’s a delicious pastel pink, very subtle, and vintage. And I bloody loved it and am coveting it for my new guest room.

Next up, I’ve been looking our for new office chairs and dining chairs. And have so far pinned these two lovelies. The first is a pair of dining chairs from Marks and Spencer – they are called ‘coral’ but the two photos showcasing them show quite different shades of pink. So make sure you go and see these before buying so as not to be disappointed.

The office chair I have my eye on is based on the Eames Eiffel classic, but at a more affordable price and in a delicious bubblegum hue. Sold by Graham and Green, I think this dining chair could work with a desk and isn’t too pricey at £70.

And finally, top of our moving wishlist is a superking bed. Both outlaw husband and myself are tall (5ft10 and 6ft6 accordingly) so a bit of extra space would be a dream scenario. Potential new house would allow for this size bed, and so upon my searching I discovered this wonderful Louis bed from I am a big fan of, having bought all our previous sofas/archairs from them, and we really rate the quality of product and service. Am I just falling in love with this wonderfully decadent styling?

Our original choice was the Angelica and I think hubby prefers this one.

What do you think?



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