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Smashing plates

Pedlars is a lovely online store showcasing unique and unusual homewares, often with a vintage/retro twist. Hence why I love it so. Upon my most recent sojourn through their wonderful site, a couple of crockery ideas caught my eye.

Enamelware seems to be the current big thing in plates (if there is such a thing) and it’s versatile and long lasting if you’re a dropper, like me. Most likely though the plates are plain or with a single stripe around the circumference. So I loved these ‘Sunshine‘ enamel plates as soon as I saw them. Not only lovely to eat off, but equally nice to display.

As well as these, if you’re more of a ceramic lover, check out these ‘spotted and dipped‘ earthenware plates. Made by hand in a small pottery in Portugal, no two plates will be identical and I love the charm that that can bring to a dining set. They are interesting but allow you to pick neutral side plates/bowls if you wanted to mix and match.



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