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Seaside saturdays

I’ve always gritted my teeth when I’ve seen ‘seaside’ interiors. You know the ones, always in holiday homes, reminding you that you’re 2 mintes or 20 minutes walk from the beach. Somehow I never really got it. But they must be popular, right? They are so prolific.

However, now I myself am finally realising a lifetime’s dream of living by the sea, I may be softening on the whole beach thing. Now it seems quaint and charming and something we could embrace in our new home. Maybe it’s because if you really do live 2 or 2o minutes from the beach, the beach becomes part of your weekly routine. I know for me that will be my target dog walking location, so maybe it has a place in my seaside dream.

I stumbled upon Coastal Home today and pinned my hands off with their cute seaside things. Now, I hasten to add, for me a few carefully placed delights would work perfectly in a home, but I wouldn’t go all out beachy chic.

As dog lovers, I love this tea towel. Is it controversial that I’d want to frame it up instead of dry dishes with it? Also this pooch has the look of my Lab dtheoutlaw.

I am in love with this chopping board. All of a sudden it struck me how inanely boring a chopping board is normally and now I feel this may be a ‘must buy’ for the move.

I also quite fancy jazzing up my bathroom light pulls with a lighthouse. This one would be supercute if you have small ones too – talk about bringing some fun to bath time.

And finally, I like both these wall hangings. The chip one would be cute in a kitchen or utility. The metal one is definitely going in the garden – oh yes, don’t forget gardens need decorating too. Also, I imagine it will weather amazingly.



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