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Ikea week: day 1 – lighting

So this week I wanted to share some of the most outlaw picks from Ikea. I spent A LOT of time trawling through the site looking for things we might need when we move. As we’re downsizing, most of our furniture won’t fit the new place so this means we’ll have to make some strategic purchases and money will be tight. Ikea is great for quick fixes and I’ve always found their stuff to be solid, affordable and, on occasion, stylish.

On day one of Ikea week, we’re looking at my top lighting picks.In our current house, we inherited some pretty nasty bar lighting in our living area so we opted for drop down black and gold lamps from M&S as replacements as soon as we could find the cash. But with these Ikea prices, you can very easily and cheaply update your space.

The Slattbo pendant lamp is a steal at £14 and in this year’s favourite hue, copper, it will liven up any room. Would be particularly cool as a set of three or four over a dining table or kitchen island.

Looking for more of a statement piece? Try the Stockholm Chandelier at £85. Although it’s more expensive, this would totally transform a bedroom to a boudoir or dress up a dining room. Chandeliers seem to be making a bit of a comeback – you heard it here first, outlaws.

Last, but not least, the Jansjo LED work lamp in gold. Pre move I was looking for a desk lamp, small enough to sit on my desk, but bright enough to be actually functional for writing. This would be top of my list and the gold colour dresses up an office space. I also like the £10 price tag, allowing me to save cash for my LED bulbs.



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