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Ikea week: day 2 – utility room

In the potential new house, we’re turning a bedroom into a utility. This is because there is not so much living space and the kitchen isn’t big enough for a washing machine and tumbler. As the other half is a paramedic, we do A LOT of washing so these are really essentials in our home. We’re lucky that there is a small bedroom on the ground floor that we can convert into a utility space and this means that the husband can keep all his uniform etc in this room.

So we need a clothing rail, which would also be useful to work as a mini cloakroom. But I don’t want to spend £50 on something that is only functional and no one will see except me and him indoors.

Introducing the Mulig clothes rack, available in white or black, a snip at £6.50. That’s what I’m talking about. I have no objection to spending the best part of £7 on the utility room.



ktheoutlaw, late 30s, brunette, with a Labrador and anxiety

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