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Ikea week: day 3 – clocks and bookshelves

Ok so I’m cheating. It’s a clock/bookshelf hybrid. I love the PS Pendel clock. In Ikea’s homage to a grandfather/grandmother clock, this could be a new family heirloom.

I recently cleared out a lot of my books; sacrilege, I know, but we just don’t have the space with the move. This means I now have a small selection of important or precious books that I’d like to display. Like the original copy of the first book a friend of mine ever read, and a marked up copy of a uni text by my lovely friend Michael who sadly died a few years after graduation. These are books I could never part with but would like to have where I can see them and be reminded of their importance in my life.

And I like clocks – every house needs one.

So why not combo the hell out of these functions? This is on the wishlist as long as we have the floorspace for it.



ktheoutlaw, late 30s, brunette, with a Labrador and anxiety

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