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Ikea week: day 5 – seating

I think I might have a seating fetish as I am noticing how often I am pinning gorgeous chairs. But these are my Friday top 4 seating picks from Ikea.

Top choice – I am in love with this Ekenaset armchair at £150. It’s very Ercol/retro cool and the light grey with the dark wood is delicious.

In second place, a very funky retro Benarp armchair in knockout orange for £225. I like the high back of this and it looks super comfortable. And the orange.

In third place, and because who doesn’t love a chaise longue? Meet the Stocksund, £395, available in a couple of colours and prints but the Hovsten grey/white is my favourite. I’d love one of these for my office.

And finally, the honourable mention of fourth place goes to Storsele rattan armchair, £80, which is a very retro seating option. Would be very cool in a conservatory or as an outdoor chair (though not weather proof). Or as a statement chair in a bedroom. Wherever it goes, at £80 it’s a steal.





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