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Day 1: The fantasy Christmas wish list…

We’re not exactly as poor as church mice, but we don’t go in for big money spending in this house. We don’t have the reddies to do it and neither other half or I would feel that comfortable with it.

I know this as years and years ago I got a rather large bonus for a job I was doing and had always wanted a Mulberry handbag (all the women I worked with had one). So I went to the outlet and bought one in the sale (still couldn’t stomach full price in a boutique). Said Mulberry is still sitting in its dust bag, unusued, as having it just didn’t live up to the hype of owning one. I sort of felt embarrassed to be carrying on my arm something worth £350 – I mean, you can buy a car for that. I toy with selling it every now and then but other half keeps telling me to use it and enjoy it. I don’t know why I don’t do that – probably some latent childhood guilt at spending money willy nilly. But I should.

All that aside, doesn’t make me immune to the finer, designer things in life. This week, I’ll be sharing with you my ‘money not much of an object’ wish list.

In no particular order…

Alexander McQueen Skull pashmina.

It’d go with all my coats, it’s warm and practical and… well, I just bloomin’ love it. Currently there is one on Brandalley for £179 (Alexander McQueen sell for £249). Do you think this would go in the sale at £45?




ktheoutlaw, late 30s, brunette, with a Labrador and anxiety

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