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Day 2: The fantasy Christmas wish list…

Make up. It fills me with complete delight when I find the good stuff and total anxiety when I buy the duds.

I’ve been on a mascara mission for over a year now. I was a total die hard fan for Dior’s Black Out mascara but they changed the recipe and it didn’t agree with me. At this point, I feel I must stress that mascara tends to be the item I splurge on a wee bit, as I have very long and fine eyelashes and many mascaras are too thick to do me any favours. So, I have wasted spent a lot in the last 20 months on various brands to find a replacement and some were ok (Lancome) and some were downright rubbish (Max Factor) and from nowhere I landed at Charlotte Tilbury. I’d never heard of her before this but thought she was as good as any to try. Well, well, well. Her Legendary Lashes mascara is my new Black Out. It is delightful. And so my obsession with her make up began. But, it’s not cheap, and so I must add her onto my fantasy wish list and you’re about to see why.

Firstly, I’d love her Complete Brush set (£240). I firmly believe good knives make you a better chef, so I’m assuming the same is true in the make up world. This lovely brushes would be a delight and at £240 are just an indulgence too far for me.


There is a cheaper alternative in the Magical Mini Brush Set (£45), and whilst I love the little case, this is a fantasy wish list, so I’m going big.


On top of the brushes, please may I introduce you to her Luxury Lipstick Wardrobe in Matte Revolution. Yes, this is a ‘wardrobe’ of 10 delicious matte lipsticks that all look pretty wearable to me. I’m loving the matte lipstick look and although I’m generally more eyes than lips, I’d like to get my mitts on these.


I also want a Filmstar Bronze and Glow  (£49) to give me a better complexion but I’m not sure this works miracles. But it’s a wish list so why not.




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