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Day 4: The fantasy Christmas wish list…

Whilst I’m not the lush I used to be (why are hangovers so much worse in your 30s?), I do like to indulge occasionally and responsibly in some fizz. Sparkling wines are my favourite drink and I’m very much a ‘one glass of good stuff’ girl, over ‘a  bottle of cheap stuff’ girl.

As this is a fantasy wish list, I’m going large with this wonderful Champagne hamper from Fortnum and Mason. I think F&M hampers are synonymous with Christmas and this would be a real treat.


At only £400 for a selection of 6 fine champagnes, it’s not cheap. But then this is F&M and they currently have for sale an Imperial hamper of food and drink for just £6,000, so it could be worse.

I was once very lucky to drink a vintage Dom Perignon in New York and it was something else. Since then I have coveted a number of fine wines, most notably the beautifully bottled Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque, available from Waitrose for £130. It’s that awful price point of not so expensive buying it would be grounds for divorce, but also totally out of reach, even for a special occasion. Damn you Perrier Jouet.653321_a_perrier-jouet-belle-epoque-2006





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