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Day 5: The fantasy Christmas wish list…

Handbags. Now we’ve talked about Olympia Le Tan before but I just love her quirky, interesting take on handbags. Why be practical?

She has a new range out which is a collaboration with the sadly deceased graffiti artist Keith Haring. I am a huge fan of his work after an ex of mine introduced me to it and was lucky enough to have visited his old store, the Pop Shop, on Lexington in New York City before it closed. His artwork is vibrant, quirky and often political.

I particularly love this sky blue bag with the Flying Baby emblem on it from Haring’s work. Its 890 Euros, so not something I could afford, especially as this isn’t big enough to be an everyday bag. But I would love love love it. Believe me.


I know, I know, this whole week of posts started off with my explanation for why I can’t spend a lot on things and the haunting tale of my unused Mulberry bag, but take a look at this little beauty.


This is the Small Darley satchel in Porcelain blue and I love everything about it, including the nearly affordable £395 price tag. Now if we could get this down to £50 in the sale, I’d take two. One for me and one for @stheoutlaw who I think would love it too. After all, Christmas isn’t all about me.



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