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Day 6: The fantasy Christmas wish list…

I realise how incredibly self involved this Christmas list is as there is nothing remotely benevolent on it so far. So here’s a vague attempt at giving something back, whilst still benefiting from the gift, of course.

I’d like a life membership to the National Trust. I love the NT (even though every time I type their name in full I call them the National Tryst), and I fully support the challenging work they do to save, restore, manage and conserve special places for all of us.

I live in the South West and a lot of the coastal and countryside areas around here are NT managed as they are sites of special scientific interest or historical importance.

Not only would life membership buy me entrance to the hundreds of amazing properties around the UK, it would also buy me free parking in all NT car parks, of which there are many around my dog walking routes.

I am a member already for the reasons listed above but a life membership is, I think, a brilliant investment and a valuable contribution to a worthwhile cause.




ktheoutlaw, late 30s, brunette, with a Labrador and anxiety

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