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Day 7: The fantasy Christmas wish list…

Yes, yes, I want an iPad. I know many people have one and wouldn’t necessarily consider this to be a fantasy item, but i’m just not convinced I need one at all, so it’s a total ‘want’. I have an excellent phone with great functionality (Galaxy S7) and a decent Asus laptop, which I use for most of my online stuff. So what gap would an iPad fill? I don’t see one. But I still kind of want one. Just to know.

Also, the husband detests Apple and all they stand for so apart from my tiny iPod, this is an Apple free house. It’s something to do with how they don’t work with anything else, so once you get sucked in, you have to have Apple everything. Oh and he just doesn’t like brand loyalty at all.

I’m easy. I love my little iPod but i want something to hold all my music and it doesn’t cut it. Also, our friend, ltheoutlaw, is an amazing photographer and she sometimes uses her iPad to take photos. Now I absolutely love photography but know nothing about it. I’m a point and shoot sort of girl. So again, the iPad appeals to me there too.

@stheoutlaw would have a Surface Pro on here instead, I reckon. And actually sh may be right, as the functionality seems better. But I’d start out with an iPad and work my way up.

As it’s a fantasy wish list, I’d go for the 9.7 inch iPad pro, rose gold, 256gb, wifi only at £729. Then I’d also get the charging stand, MS Office, and a nice case, so we’re easily looking at a £1k purchase. Better luck next year, I reckon.





ktheoutlaw, late 30s, brunette, with a Labrador and anxiety

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