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Day 5: The fantasy Christmas wish list…

Handbags. Now we’ve talked about Olympia Le Tan before but I just love her quirky, interesting take on handbags. Why be practical?

She has a new range out which is a collaboration with the sadly deceased graffiti artist Keith Haring. I am a huge fan of his work after an ex of mine introduced me to it and was lucky enough to have visited his old store, the Pop Shop, on Lexington in New York City before it closed. His artwork is vibrant, quirky and often political.

I particularly love this sky blue bag with the Flying Baby emblem on it from Haring’s work. Its 890 Euros, so not something I could afford, especially as this isn’t big enough to be an everyday bag. But I would love love love it. Believe me.


I know, I know, this whole week of posts started off with my explanation for why I can’t spend a lot on things and the haunting tale of my unused Mulberry bag, but take a look at this little beauty.


This is the Small Darley satchel in Porcelain blue and I love everything about it, including the nearly affordable £395 price tag. Now if we could get this down to £50 in the sale, I’d take two. One for me and one for @stheoutlaw who I think would love it too. After all, Christmas isn’t all about me.

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Day 1: The fantasy Christmas wish list…

We’re not exactly as poor as church mice, but we don’t go in for big money spending in this house. We don’t have the reddies to do it and neither other half or I would feel that comfortable with it.

I know this as years and years ago I got a rather large bonus for a job I was doing and had always wanted a Mulberry handbag (all the women I worked with had one). So I went to the outlet and bought one in the sale (still couldn’t stomach full price in a boutique). Said Mulberry is still sitting in its dust bag, unusued, as having it just didn’t live up to the hype of owning one. I sort of felt embarrassed to be carrying on my arm something worth £350 – I mean, you can buy a car for that. I toy with selling it every now and then but other half keeps telling me to use it and enjoy it. I don’t know why I don’t do that – probably some latent childhood guilt at spending money willy nilly. But I should.

All that aside, doesn’t make me immune to the finer, designer things in life. This week, I’ll be sharing with you my ‘money not much of an object’ wish list.

In no particular order…

Alexander McQueen Skull pashmina.

It’d go with all my coats, it’s warm and practical and… well, I just bloomin’ love it. Currently there is one on Brandalley for £179 (Alexander McQueen sell for £249). Do you think this would go in the sale at £45?


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Clutch this

Have I mentioned I’m a maid of honour this year? It’s a big wedding – two awesome friends who are made for each other.

Adds a whole new shopping dimension as I’m now thinking about accessorizing an outfit I haven’t even bought yet. I have a beautiful Lulu Guinness bag, but it won’t work with the bridesmaid colour scheme of midnight blue. So I’m looking for something either gold or neutral.

So this amazing bee clutch from Skinny dip might be the perfect choice. I love bees, I love gold, I love a clutch with a strap. What’s not to like?


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When two great women get together…Kate Spade x Minnie Mouse

So I have a real fetish for a handful of brands. You know the ones where you automatically want to buy anything new they produce, even if it’s not really your style.

Kate Spade is one of these brands for me. I love the classic styles of the bags, the quality is excellent, use of colour always pops and both the clothing and jewellery is very my style.

So imagine my excitement when they announced their collaboration with one of my heroes – Minnie Mouse. I love a bit of Disney – when my friend took her 10 year old on a Disney cruise last Summer, I pestered them every day before their trip to bring me home some Minnie ears. And when my then friend (now husband) went to Florida in 2007, that’s what he brought me home. Suffice to say we started dating a few months later. Turns out Minnie ears are a way to this girl’s heart.

I pinned this a few days ago when the collection launched and today I notice some of the items are already gone. I hope they restock the whole collection soon as I hadn’t started my mental wish list yet.

But enjoy these gorgeous items (specifically the ears iPhone 6 case) and treat yourself to the joy of some Minnie ears.

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#tbt Little Miss Love These Bags

I think we need to talk about Olympia Le Tan. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with her bags, but you bloody well should be. Now, they are out of my current price range but we can all dream (and buy lottery tickets). And, although these are costly, I really think they would be a love-of-your-life-bag.

I have one of these already (see the gorgeous lips bag by the lovely Lulu Guinness) and I love, love, love it. But if I was shopping and could stretch to these prices, I absolutely think it would be an heirloom bag.

I’m currently torn between Little Miss Tiny

And Little Miss Splendid



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Find your prints charming

So I’m generally not one to wear a lot of colour. In fact, any colour. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but have never felt that comfortable in it. But the recent trend for bold patterns has got me pushing the boat out sartorially. I recently invested in a gorgeous, teal, owl print skirt from People Tree (sale bargain, £16). Yes me, teal, owls. Unbelieveable.

I’ve always applauded People Tree’s ethics and fair trading but not necessarily its designs. Well, hold the phone. The teal owl skirt has opened up a whole new shopping opportunity for outlaws.

This is top of my spring purchases list. I love the colour, the style and I love the print. It’s retro, bold and punchy and would look awesome with black (every top I own). Now, @stheoutlaw and myself are Orla Kiely fans – we’ll no doubt be featuring her beautiful work in later blogs – and this print is a real homage to Ms Orla, but with a more ‘high street’ price tag.

Don’t all buy it – I don’t want to turn up at parties in the same outfit as you.

See this and more at People Tree

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A sucker for a good bird…

If you know me, you’ll know that, at the best of times, I have a real weakness for Alex Monroe jewellery. Like my Grandmother before me, I have the magpie gene, and jewellery is a love of mine. But being light of purse (and very fickle), I’m not one to spend a lot on diamonds and pearls. Alex Monroe, for me, is the middle very happy space between pricey fine jewellery and fashion jewellery. It’s not cheap, but so beautifully designed and made that each piece feels extra special. Most of his collections derive from nature, making them pretty unusual and are made with exquisite detail; his bumblebee necklace being his calling card (and yes, I have it in silver and LOVE it).

So imagine my complete delight when I saw the Liberty exclusive for the new season – a Toucan. Now although I don’t wear a lot of gold, this gorgeous piece has gone straight on my Birthday list (7 months and 2 days to go…). No doubt with lots of very unsubtle hinting, including sending the link multiple times to my husband, he will catch on and have a whip round with my family to get it for me.

I never fail to receive compliments when I wear my Alex Monroe pieces and I have no doubt that this piece would attract the same attention.

Fingers already crossed for this beauty. Shop more Alex Monroe either at Liberty or Alex Monroe