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Day 4: The fantasy Christmas wish list…

Whilst I’m not the lush I used to be (why are hangovers so much worse in your 30s?), I do like to indulge occasionally and responsibly in some fizz. Sparkling wines are my favourite drink and I’m very much a ‘one glass of good stuff’ girl, over ‘a  bottle of cheap stuff’ girl.

As this is a fantasy wish list, I’m going large with this wonderful Champagne hamper from Fortnum and Mason. I think F&M hampers are synonymous with Christmas and this would be a real treat.


At only £400 for a selection of 6 fine champagnes, it’s not cheap. But then this is F&M and they currently have for sale an Imperial hamper of food and drink for just £6,000, so it could be worse.

I was once very lucky to drink a vintage Dom Perignon in New York and it was something else. Since then I have coveted a number of fine wines, most notably the beautifully bottled Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque, available from Waitrose for £130. It’s that awful price point of not so expensive buying it would be grounds for divorce, but also totally out of reach, even for a special occasion. Damn you Perrier Jouet.653321_a_perrier-jouet-belle-epoque-2006



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Smashing plates

Pedlars is a lovely online store showcasing unique and unusual homewares, often with a vintage/retro twist. Hence why I love it so. Upon my most recent sojourn through their wonderful site, a couple of crockery ideas caught my eye.

Enamelware seems to be the current big thing in plates (if there is such a thing) and it’s versatile and long lasting if you’re a dropper, like me. Most likely though the plates are plain or with a single stripe around the circumference. So I loved these ‘Sunshine‘ enamel plates as soon as I saw them. Not only lovely to eat off, but equally nice to display.

As well as these, if you’re more of a ceramic lover, check out these ‘spotted and dipped‘ earthenware plates. Made by hand in a small pottery in Portugal, no two plates will be identical and I love the charm that that can bring to a dining set. They are interesting but allow you to pick neutral side plates/bowls if you wanted to mix and match.

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Can’t stand the heat, get some oven gloves

Donna Wilson has a lovely design style – quirky and interesting with real character. I have coveted some of her things for a while now and luckily, last night, I burnt a hole in my current oven gloves. I’m fine, by the way, but for the gloves it was fatal.

So I have now started my mission to search for a replacement. Lo and behold, I saw these gorgeous creatures from Donna Wilson and I love them. But how do you choose between them?

Didn’t take me too long to realise that with two hands, I really ought to have two gloves. The problem of choosing between them has been solved. Both it is. And as you know I’m a mix and match kind of gal, so can’t wait to use these. Note to self: don’t leave them next to the stir fry gas burner again.



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Nice pair of jugs #sfw

I was given a beautiful Cornishware jug by @stheoutlaw and another outlaw pal a few years ago. It’s lovely. And it matches my Cornishware crockery (which I also love).

But, the thing is, I don’t really like things that match. I like things that compliment but have character.

So the Cornishware jug is now a fabulous vase in the living room so cue a hunt for a new water jug to go on the table for dinner. As you may have gathered, I’m not the kind of person to pop to the nearest jug stockist and pick one. I have to make sure I look at every jug ever made to feel comfortable enough with whichever lucky jug I choose.

I thought I’d share my current top pair of jugs, although the search is very far from over.

Jug 1 is quite simply a ceramic delight from one of my faves, Jonathan Adler. Also, it’s a whale. I don’t feel it needs more qualification.

Jug 2 is an absolutely knock out owl vase by the amazing Hannah Turner which, as you can see from the photo, would also work beautifully as a vase. It’s also a total steal in price, which makes me want to order two so I can give one to my mum as well.

So which to choose? Have you found any jugs that I need to know about?

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Sunday morning coffee

I love coffee. I love the smell, I love the taste, I love it in cake. But caffeine and I have an ‘it’s complicated’ relationship. If I drink it when I’m tired, I can almost guarantee I’ll get a migraine within an hour, and sometimes, for no reason at all, I’ll get a migraine when I drink it fully awake and refreshed.

My husband is a Northerner but interestingly hadn’t ever had coffee until a fateful day in Kingston-Upon-Thames about 4 years ago, when I’d dragged him up at an ungodly hour to drive me to John Lewis for my birthday (yes, a walk around John Lewis was my birthday treat – we don’t have one locally). A latte later and he’s hooked and now drinks the hard stuff; espressos, black coffees, a flat white if he’s pushing the boat out.

We now have a smorgasbord of coffee equipment in the kitchen, most of which was bought on our road trip to Italy a few of years ago. Whilst I understand it all makes a good coffee, it:

  1. takes up a lot of space (and he uses 10% of it)
  2. is all a bit old and knackered now
  3. is not this delightful espresso maker by a brand fave of mine, Alessi

Am now petitioning husband to allow me to get it for him/us for Easter (we’re both on a boring diet at the moment so no choccie eggs for us…yet). I’m not sure it’ll make it through the spending embargo but I remain, as always, hopeful.