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Day 3: The fantasy Christmas wish list…

I heart jewellery and there is no jeweller I heart more than Alex Monroe. The husband lucked out a bit when we got engaged as I always wanted my grandmother’s ring, which she gave us. It’s perfect and I wouldn’t change it, but I think, after nearly six years of marriage, an eternity ring (paid for by the other half would be nice). Having said that, if the husband actually bought this I’d kill him, as we just couldn’t afford it right now (ever).

But cast your eyes and wonder at the preciousness of Alex Monroe’s Wild Posy Twist Diamond Ring – a snip at £2,280. This would make the most delicious engagement ring I think. Or eternity ring.


An honourable mention should also go to his Half Eternity Papina Ring (a more reasonable £755) and still exquisite. But I’m more of a statement than subtle girl, so I’m all in for the earlier Wild Posy ring.scr9-18y-1

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A sucker for a good bird…

If you know me, you’ll know that, at the best of times, I have a real weakness for Alex Monroe jewellery. Like my Grandmother before me, I have the magpie gene, and jewellery is a love of mine. But being light of purse (and very fickle), I’m not one to spend a lot on diamonds and pearls. Alex Monroe, for me, is the middle very happy space between pricey fine jewellery and fashion jewellery. It’s not cheap, but so beautifully designed and made that each piece feels extra special. Most of his collections derive from nature, making them pretty unusual and are made with exquisite detail; his bumblebee necklace being his calling card (and yes, I have it in silver and LOVE it).

So imagine my complete delight when I saw the Liberty exclusive for the new season – a Toucan. Now although I don’t wear a lot of gold, this gorgeous piece has gone straight on my Birthday list (7 months and 2 days to go…). No doubt with lots of very unsubtle hinting, including sending the link multiple times to my husband, he will catch on and have a whip round with my family to get it for me.

I never fail to receive compliments when I wear my Alex Monroe pieces and I have no doubt that this piece would attract the same attention.

Fingers already crossed for this beauty. Shop more Alex Monroe either at Liberty or Alex Monroe