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Merry Christmas, outlaws

Happy Christmas to all you outlaws. Hope you have a peaceful, restful and bloody brilliant festive season.

You will hear more from us in 2017 and here’s hoping to a better year all round.

But for now, take it easy.

@ktheoutlaw & @stheoutlaw

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No taking Skandi from this baby

I heart ‘Skandi’ – Scandinavian design – although my home is way too crammed to the rafters to be truly Skandi style. But a little bit of this design does you good.

For a while now I have been contemplating nice candlesticks for the dining table – I think my love for candles is apparent – but I don’t want just normal candlesticks and, whilst I love the trend for massive tealight candelarbras, my midcentury table just isn’t big enoougj. My view, for what it’s worth, is that if you’re going to have somethng on your dining table taking up valuable food and wine space, it better be pretty.

Introducing the Shorebird Dot Candleholder by Bengt & Lotta and sold by Skandium.

Whilst at £59 it’s not a budget option, it’s definitely a statement piece that will be a classic and would also look lush in your lounge or on my fireplace.

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With knobs on: why settle for the manufacturer’s choice?

Last year, the other half and I succumbed to a two year problem and finally bought furniture for our bedroom. At first we didn’t buy any as we had just moved house and frankly didn’t have the available cash. In the latter part of that time, we feared we would be moving again  so it was why buy anything we may not need or may not fit in the next house.

Given the qualifications above, I compromised on my normal exhaustive 3-month intensive search for the ‘perfect’ piece for the room. And opted for a quick and dirty Ikea delivery.

To be clear, I love Ikea – solid, cheap and reliable. But I am selective about what I like. If you’re an Ikea fan too, I hope you have discovered Ikea Hackers, a website where you can see other people’s ‘upcycled’ or refashioned Ikea purchases. Whilst surfing this site with every intention of turning my purchase into a similar masterpiece, I had a sudden realisation that, unlike the wildly talented @stheoutlaw, I have no patience and no practical skills. So, instead, I opted to just customise my furniture by adding new handles and knobs.

Cue the great knob search of 2015.

I love my new furniture (I’ll spare you the photos as I really am not that crafty), but I’m now more than a little obsessed with changing every knob or handle I own. Of course, house move ban still applies, but can we all just join together in a huge celebration of how insanely cute and magnificent these Anthropologie knobs are.

Now, what future furniture can future me add these to?

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Confetti – more throw forward than throwback #tbt

One of my best buds is getting married this year. I am all of a doodah about it. I have an important role – maid of honour (what’s all this ‘matron’ malarkey?) – and I am trying to be as supportive as I can without totally taking over.

It’ll come as no surprise then that, although I got married 5 years ago, I am back in the world of tulle and pom poms trying to ascertain the next big thing in weddings. After all, I am an outlaw.

Today I found this amazing confetti from Niko Niko and (deliberate pun alert) I bloomin’ love it. What could be better than confetti that turns into wildflowers?

Confetti can be a tough one:

  • it can be tacky and messy
  • some venues won’t allow it
  • rice is very retro cool but painful and damaging to wildlife
  • it’s often overpriced.

Now this isn’t cheap, but the value goes on much longer than the minute it’s thrown and pictures are taken. You can revisit the beautiful flowers after the event.

I guess it might work best in weddings held at family homes or local churches and, obviously, there needs to be soil. But I am so onboard with flinging this at my friends later this year.

And why confine confetti to weddings?

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Lighting you’re never too old for

Yes, lighting is important. Yes, lighting is functional. But it can also operate as a statement piece. Whether buying for children or for yourself, these two playful lighting options deserve your consideration.

Firstly, who doesn’t like giraffes? Check out this amazing lamp by one of my fave designers, Jonathan Adler. You’ll probably see more of his gorgeous ceramics on our blog, and I always think of his beautiful items as heirloom pieces – stylish, unique and never out of style. His wonderful work here is clear – a quirky lamp with real character, but in a neutral tone to complement any room. It’s a subtle statement – you almost don’t notice the little giraffe’s head poking out the top, like an inside joke.

If you’re less of a subtle shopper, how amazing are these balloon lights by John Moncrieff, which come as wall lights or ceiling lights. I think they look amazing in group and would be so wonderful in a nursery or child’s bedroom. Or my office – that’s what I want them for.

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Loving the upcycling

There’s nothing I love more than having a project. And if that project is an upcycling one, there’s really no stopping me. That rush you get when you find that perfect piece is exhilarating and makes you a true outlaw.

That’s probably why, whenever I’m out and about, I’m always looking, even if I just popped out for some milk. And if you’ve read my Cowhide blog  you’ll know that you really never know what you’ll find where.

I do, however, believe there’s a real talent in being able to see beauty in something that looks like it’s on its last legs. Or one step further, being able to see a different use for something; what I call product upcycling. Now, there have been many failed projects that just didn’t quite work; upcycling isn’t simply coating an item in paint, it’s about seeing the inner beauty and endless possibilities.

I’ve dabbled with a number of courses, trying to teach myself the tricks of the trade. My favourite so far is upholstery. I wish I had enough space for all my finds and the finds I left behind. Until recently my husband had named our conservatory the ‘chair graveyard’. I must admit, but don’t tell him, I had become a bit obsessed. And why not? My first project was a success, my second was even better. And the third is going to be for a very patient friend who believes in my talents.

One of the best ways for looking at what’s on trend, and what floats your boat had to be Pinterest. It’s such a great site for inspiration and thinking outside the box. And look at this beaut!

Here’s to a very patient husband, him letting me be creative; oh and taking over the house with my projects!





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Bedside table perfection: is there such a thing?

If I say bedside table, what does it mean to you? Is it: small, medium, large, freestanding, wall mounted, ceiling suspended, with drawers, without drawers, wooden, metal, plastic, flat pack, with shelf, marble top, wooden, plastic, painted, natural, legs, no legs, lots of storage, no storage? The options are endless and are only restricted by your imagination. And therein lies the problem, finding what you’ve imagined.

For what feels like years now I’ve been searching for what I consider to be the perfect bedside table; something compact, simplistic in design, that’s able to give you hidden storage but cope with charging multiple devices in a fumble-free way. I’ve bought many a bedside table; you can see discarded ones dotted around the house.

But am I just looking for something that doesn’t exist? I’m not ready to give in just yet, as I don’t want to follow the herd with a bog standard table. I’m adamant that my perfection is out there. So maybe it’s time to pass over the search to the talented @ktheoutlaw to help me find bedside table perfection.