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It’s big news day

After a very long, very hard year, all the outlaws have finally made it to Dorset. That’s right folks, we’re now all living in the gorgeous South West. And why is that so exciting? Well, apart from the obvious social benefits (*cough* cocktails *cough*), we can now get this outlaw show on the road.

This week we had a planning session to revisit our business aims and ideals and where we want to go and how we want to start. Luckily, wearetheoutlaws fits firmly in the 80 of our 80:20 (yes, that’s how similar @stheoutlaw and I are).

So, watch this space as we keep you informed of our steps to follow our outlaw dreams and get our business off the ground.

Hit us up with comments if you’ve started your own business. We’d love to hear your hints and tips and what pitfalls to look out for.

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Pretty up your patios

So, big news from @ktheoutlaw HQ, we may, and I mean may, have found a new house. It’s cute and small with a quirky layout and a little garden.

This move is a bit of a downsize/relocation combo for us, so I need to learn to appreciate space and konmari the hell out of my possessions before we move. Whilst it might be smaller and an unsual layout, it is also cheaper, functional and 12 minutes from a dog-friendly beach. Yep, it’s a seaside move. I figured it would be the only way to convince friends and family to come and visit us.

Having an idea of what we might be moving to has made me feel calmer about the whole relocation thing (even though it was my idea) and reignited my joy of house planning (and shopping). Cue a full on bank holiday weekend of online browsing, so prepare yourself for a few weeks of stuff that very likely may appear in my new house.

First up, has these gorgeous outdoor chairs. I love being outside and just resting in the sunshine – it’s very calming. It has always bothered me that outdoor furniture is either boring dark wood or boring dark metal. Or even worse, dark plastic. So imagine my delight at these lovely Copa dining chairs.

Now as much as I like these chairs, I have to be honest, I hate the matching table. But that doesn’t faze me. Just gives me another shopping challenge to find something that would work with these.

At £150 for two, they are pretty decent value for money and will lift a fairly plain lawn or patio with bright colours and modern patterns.

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Bedside table perfection: is there such a thing?

If I say bedside table, what does it mean to you? Is it: small, medium, large, freestanding, wall mounted, ceiling suspended, with drawers, without drawers, wooden, metal, plastic, flat pack, with shelf, marble top, wooden, plastic, painted, natural, legs, no legs, lots of storage, no storage? The options are endless and are only restricted by your imagination. And therein lies the problem, finding what you’ve imagined.

For what feels like years now I’ve been searching for what I consider to be the perfect bedside table; something compact, simplistic in design, that’s able to give you hidden storage but cope with charging multiple devices in a fumble-free way. I’ve bought many a bedside table; you can see discarded ones dotted around the house.

But am I just looking for something that doesn’t exist? I’m not ready to give in just yet, as I don’t want to follow the herd with a bog standard table. I’m adamant that my perfection is out there. So maybe it’s time to pass over the search to the talented @ktheoutlaw to help me find bedside table perfection.



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Hidden gems

There’s nothing I love more than finding a hidden gem when you’re out and about exploring new places.

I’ve just come back from a weekend visiting friends in Cheltenham. Whilst there, me and my husband popped over to Cirencester to check it out. Thinking that we might see some beautiful buildings and find some excellent independent shops, I was not expecting to stumble upon a fantastic small craft market with lots of lovely stuff. It was an outlaw’s dream.

As you might expect, there were local craft makers with stalls selling hand-made candles and cards. But on this occasion, round the corner set back from the main stalls, was a man with a LOT of rugs. Now here’s my first outlaw confession; I secretly want an Argentine cow hide rug.

I’m not sure why I’m so drawn to them as ethically I feel challenged, but I do know that I love their stunning individuality, elegance, and colour patterns. It takes a certain style confidence to have a beautiful Argentine cow hide rug in your sitting room, but what a statement piece to invest in.

I LOVE them but I’m not sure that @ktheoutlaw would feel the same.

So here’s my first outlaw shout out to Sheep&Chic and their wonderful collection of Argentine cow hide rugs. Check them out and all their other products via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.