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It’s big news day

After a very long, very hard year, all the outlaws have finally made it to Dorset. That’s right folks, we’re now all living in the gorgeous South West. And why is that so exciting? Well, apart from the obvious social benefits (*cough* cocktails *cough*), we can now get this outlaw show on the road.

This week we had a planning session to revisit our business aims and ideals and where we want to go and how we want to start. Luckily, wearetheoutlaws fits firmly in the 80 of our 80:20 (yes, that’s how similar @stheoutlaw and I are).

So, watch this space as we keep you informed of our steps to follow our outlaw dreams and get our business off the ground.

Hit us up with comments if you’ve started your own business. We’d love to hear your hints and tips and what pitfalls to look out for.

Photo: L to R, @ctheoutlaw, @ktheoutlaw, @ntheoutlaw and @stheoutlaw17620556_10158527728320381_5458981717338558262_o

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Day 7: The fantasy Christmas wish list…

Yes, yes, I want an iPad. I know many people have one and wouldn’t necessarily consider this to be a fantasy item, but i’m just not convinced I need one at all, so it’s a total ‘want’. I have an excellent phone with great functionality (Galaxy S7) and a decent Asus laptop, which I use for most of my online stuff. So what gap would an iPad fill? I don’t see one. But I still kind of want one. Just to know.

Also, the husband detests Apple and all they stand for so apart from my tiny iPod, this is an Apple free house. It’s something to do with how they don’t work with anything else, so once you get sucked in, you have to have Apple everything. Oh and he just doesn’t like brand loyalty at all.

I’m easy. I love my little iPod but i want something to hold all my music and it doesn’t cut it. Also, our friend, ltheoutlaw, is an amazing photographer and she sometimes uses her iPad to take photos. Now I absolutely love photography but know nothing about it. I’m a point and shoot sort of girl. So again, the iPad appeals to me there too.

@stheoutlaw would have a Surface Pro on here instead, I reckon. And actually sh may be right, as the functionality seems better. But I’d start out with an iPad and work my way up.

As it’s a fantasy wish list, I’d go for the 9.7 inch iPad pro, rose gold, 256gb, wifi only at £729. Then I’d also get the charging stand, MS Office, and a nice case, so we’re easily looking at a £1k purchase. Better luck next year, I reckon.



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Day 5: The fantasy Christmas wish list…

Handbags. Now we’ve talked about Olympia Le Tan before but I just love her quirky, interesting take on handbags. Why be practical?

She has a new range out which is a collaboration with the sadly deceased graffiti artist Keith Haring. I am a huge fan of his work after an ex of mine introduced me to it and was lucky enough to have visited his old store, the Pop Shop, on Lexington in New York City before it closed. His artwork is vibrant, quirky and often political.

I particularly love this sky blue bag with the Flying Baby emblem on it from Haring’s work. Its 890 Euros, so not something I could afford, especially as this isn’t big enough to be an everyday bag. But I would love love love it. Believe me.


I know, I know, this whole week of posts started off with my explanation for why I can’t spend a lot on things and the haunting tale of my unused Mulberry bag, but take a look at this little beauty.


This is the Small Darley satchel in Porcelain blue and I love everything about it, including the nearly affordable £395 price tag. Now if we could get this down to £50 in the sale, I’d take two. One for me and one for @stheoutlaw who I think would love it too. After all, Christmas isn’t all about me.

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It’s been a while, but with good reason

Evening all.

So it’s been a while. Sorry about the absence, but times have been a changing for all the outlaws recently.

Husband and I finally made the move to the seaside and into our new home, starting new jobs and making new friends. It’s been incredible so far; tough and challenging to be so far away from our friends and families but also liberating to fulfil a lifelong dream. It’s not all a bed of roses (where did that phrase come from?), but it was absolutely worth it. More on this and shopping for the new pad to come.

In fact, it’s been so good down here, we’ve even managed to persuade @stheoutlaw to take the plunge and move to the seaside too. Only joking. They are moving here, but it’s not down to us. But it makes me insanely happy that my partner in crime will soon be living closer again.

So I’d watch this space if I were you because, in a few months, @stheoutlaw and I will be back in business and here’s hoping a few more dreams will come true along the way.



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Ikea week: day 4 – storage

Storage; I never have enough. Although we’re trying to live more leanly (I’m fairly sure I just made that phrase up), storage is still an essential for me. But storage doesnt have to be boring.

I love this Hurdal linen cabinet in green. This would be very cute in a large bathroom or utility space and the green lifts what is otherwise a simple cabinet. @stheoutlaw has an awesome linen cabinet in turquoise metal from Graham & Green, but this Ikea one is a bit more affordable at £175. It’d also work for clothing in a bedroom and is more exciting than a chest of drawers.

Another colourful option is the Tillfalle cabinet, which is similar in design to some found in Oliver Bonas, Joy and the like, but a lot more affordable at £250. I love the sliding doors on this, so you could have it half open displaying items as well as hiding them. I’d like this to store my record player and vinyl but need to look into the dimensions to see what it could hold.

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Art for all (or me)

Nothing brings personality to a space more than art. Whether it’s your own, scribbles by your little ones, prints bought on the high street or something unique and pricey, it doesn’t matter. I find art completely inspiring; like surrounding yourself with beautiful things that open your mind.

And you can move art from room to room to bring some variety or, if like me you prefer the affordable stuff, just change it up every once in a while. Here’s a selection of my top choices for my new pad – what do you think?

I have a couple of pieces from Eugenia Loli already – I love her work and I really enjoy supporting an individual artist. Randomly, it seems we share a town in common too as she used to live where I was born (interesting fact discovered during email communications with her to complete my first order). I love the greens in this contrasted with the gorgeous red hair of the pin-up style woman.

Whilst shopping with @stheoutlaw recently in the always pleasurable John Lewis, we spotted this lovely piece, Staructure by Simon C Page. One of the advantages of buying from a large store is that this is available in different sizes and frames, so you can personalise the piece to fit your space. I love a graphic print, and the stars add charm. Would be lovely over a sofa, adding some interest to a plain lounge.

And, finally, albeit not a print, I’m in love with these porcelain swallows on Etsy. Etsy is a great marketplace for unique things, often antiques or homemade.  These are made by PrinceDesignUK and I particularly like the Moroccan print on the ceramic that gives it depth. As a metallics fan, I’d go for these in gold but there are other options too.