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Wall lights; not all old hat

A few years ago, wall lights were a thing of the jaded past, seemingly dated and very not en vogue. But I’ve spotted them springing up all over the shop and I’ve got to admit, I love ’em.

The first that caught my eye, and not only because @stheoutlaw has them, was the phenomenally spectacular Innermost Jeeves wall lamps. They are from the Jeeves and Wooster (a top hat) lighting collection, and if you haven’t seen them, you should. I considered these for our dining area and now we’re moving I’m glad I didn’t, as I couldn’t have left them behind.

For a more industrial feel, I particularly like the Toby wall lamp from Loaf. Unlike the Innermost, these are a little more traditional, but with a modern twist. I like the metal feel with the brass and grey and I think these could work in a variety of spaces, but particularly a kitchen.

But my current top choice for the new house, and completely out of budget, is the delicious Ball light available from twentytwentyone.  The simplicity of the design, with the clean shapes and the crisp gold is a real statement. Even though it’s a small light feature, this could be a real statement as a single piece. For me, at this price, it’d have to be. But it’s always worth punching above your shopping weight.

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Copper is the new black

I heart copper. I know, I know, it could be a fleeting fad, but I almost don’t care. It’s warm and interesting and I’m thrilled to see it  everywhere. I’m also very excited that Rose Gold is making a jewellery come back – another favourite of mine.

So here are my current favourite picks if you’re looking for a bit of copper to sharpen up your pad. If this was a proper interiors blog, we’d be telling you to only use a metallic to highlight an area. But we don’t follow the herd here at wearetheoutlaws so use metallic however you darn well please.

Stow, an innovative new industrial style storage unit from the ever exciting and affordable Made shows you just how awesome a bit of copper can be. This would make a fab storage unit for a bedroom or it would be just as good in an office (note to self).

If you’re looking for a housewarming (hint hint) or birthday gift for someone in the copper vein, check out this gorgeous cocktail shaker available at the always fabulous Anthropologie. It’s a lovely unfussy style that you’d be happy to have on display, and I’ve noticed more and more drinks trolleys on my shopping travels. I think that old style drinks/cocktails display is coming back in style – another thing to thank Mad Men for.

Graham & Green are a great online shop with fab finds and both @stheoutlaw and I have a few of their bits. But, they can be a wee bit pricey, so I generally wait until they have sales  to get my bargains. BUT this little piece of copper joy is very affordable and in one of my fave styles, art deco.

My mother, mumtheoutlaw, is always telling me that lots of shelving just means more things to dust, and she’s not wrong. But it’s also a great way of displaying your beautiful things, or you can use it more practically in a bathroom for toiletries, perfumes or lovely little plants. I say it’s worth the extra dusting for this.

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Nice pair of jugs #sfw

I was given a beautiful Cornishware jug by @stheoutlaw and another outlaw pal a few years ago. It’s lovely. And it matches my Cornishware crockery (which I also love).

But, the thing is, I don’t really like things that match. I like things that compliment but have character.

So the Cornishware jug is now a fabulous vase in the living room so cue a hunt for a new water jug to go on the table for dinner. As you may have gathered, I’m not the kind of person to pop to the nearest jug stockist and pick one. I have to make sure I look at every jug ever made to feel comfortable enough with whichever lucky jug I choose.

I thought I’d share my current top pair of jugs, although the search is very far from over.

Jug 1 is quite simply a ceramic delight from one of my faves, Jonathan Adler. Also, it’s a whale. I don’t feel it needs more qualification.

Jug 2 is an absolutely knock out owl vase by the amazing Hannah Turner which, as you can see from the photo, would also work beautifully as a vase. It’s also a total steal in price, which makes me want to order two so I can give one to my mum as well.

So which to choose? Have you found any jugs that I need to know about?

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A match(es box) made in heaven

I want this. I’m not going to beat around the bush. I want it.

And there’s only one as it’s a beautiful French vintage find from the wonderful The Vintage Wall (check out the amazing letters selection – especially you @stheoutlaw)

Now, I currently have no need whatsoever for an exquisite vintage French match box. However, the husband has put ‘Fire/woodburner’ as the only must-have for our new home. So, frankly, we’re going to need one of these. It’s an essential purchase, right?

If you’re in the market for an Allumetes box, boy have I found you a beaut.

But please don’t buy it, as I want it.

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With knobs on: why settle for the manufacturer’s choice?

Last year, the other half and I succumbed to a two year problem and finally bought furniture for our bedroom. At first we didn’t buy any as we had just moved house and frankly didn’t have the available cash. In the latter part of that time, we feared we would be moving again  so it was why buy anything we may not need or may not fit in the next house.

Given the qualifications above, I compromised on my normal exhaustive 3-month intensive search for the ‘perfect’ piece for the room. And opted for a quick and dirty Ikea delivery.

To be clear, I love Ikea – solid, cheap and reliable. But I am selective about what I like. If you’re an Ikea fan too, I hope you have discovered Ikea Hackers, a website where you can see other people’s ‘upcycled’ or refashioned Ikea purchases. Whilst surfing this site with every intention of turning my purchase into a similar masterpiece, I had a sudden realisation that, unlike the wildly talented @stheoutlaw, I have no patience and no practical skills. So, instead, I opted to just customise my furniture by adding new handles and knobs.

Cue the great knob search of 2015.

I love my new furniture (I’ll spare you the photos as I really am not that crafty), but I’m now more than a little obsessed with changing every knob or handle I own. Of course, house move ban still applies, but can we all just join together in a huge celebration of how insanely cute and magnificent these Anthropologie knobs are.

Now, what future furniture can future me add these to?

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#tbt: vinyl and how to store it

About two years ago, struggling as ever to work out what to buy for my husband (a man who doesn’t really care for gifts – crazy), I decided to get him something I really wanted. He’s not one for jewellery or handbags, so it was going to be something for the home.

I had been hankering after a record player since I gave my old one up, when I was 14. There’s something in the crackle of vinyl that I find irreplaceable even in the incredible quality of remastered CDs. Record players are pretty boring to look at though, and also most usually black and plasticy.

And then I discovered Crosley record players, sold at Urban Outfitters in the UK – based on the old dansette record players. They are retro, cute and very, very cool. We have a cream and teal version, perfectly matching the decor of our lounge and it sits in pride of place next to the lava lamp I received for my 18th birthday – yes, that’s how I roll.

Thrilled with the purchase, we have both enthusiastically bought vinyl from charity shops (Bowie’s Hunky Dory for 50p is still probably my best ever buy), Oxfam online and, very rarely, new from record stores. But this joy has also come at a price – where do you keep your vinyl? I’m not going to lie, we’re currently using a very functional and very affordable Kallax storage solution from Ikea for £20. A bargain, but I’m not convinced it’s right for our space. You want something retro, tidy and compact to make best use of limited space.

Imagine my delight when I spotted the Alexander vinyl storage rack from Urban Outfitters USA – both beautifully retro and useful, I am thinking this would be a good gift for the husband to go alongside his (my) record player. I believe you can ship this to the UK (always be aware of import duties), but I strongly suspect that the UK website and stores will follow suit and stock this pretty soon too .

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Tiling around

My husband and I love Portugal and have been lucky enough to visit a number of times. When we’re there, we always visit a the lovely little town called Sao Bras, near Estoi. Not only is it set in stunning surroundings, it also has fabulous old buildings with beautiful, coloured tiles. Oh and the local restaurants are incredible!

(Photos by @stheoutlaw)

I’ve often thought about how to incorporate some of those lovely tiles into our Sussex home, but after spending  hours researching, I couldn’t find anything that worked. Who’d have thought that hand-painted tiles were so expensive?!

My answer, become a millionaire (unlikely even with my weekly lottery ticket) or drive to Portugal and bring some back. As neither of these options are particularly practical, I’m so pleased I found out about the vinyl floor revolution. Look at these beauties.

And there’s lots more like this out there.

Happy tiling around everyone!