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Day 2: The fantasy Christmas wish list…

Make up. It fills me with complete delight when I find the good stuff and total anxiety when I buy the duds.

I’ve been on a mascara mission for over a year now. I was a total die hard fan for Dior’s Black Out mascara but they changed the recipe and it didn’t agree with me. At this point, I feel I must stress that mascara tends to be the item I splurge on a wee bit, as I have very long and fine eyelashes and many mascaras are too thick to do me any favours. So, I have wasted spent a lot in the last 20 months on various brands to find a replacement and some were ok (Lancome) and some were downright rubbish (Max Factor) and from nowhere I landed at Charlotte Tilbury. I’d never heard of her before this but thought she was as good as any to try. Well, well, well. Her Legendary Lashes mascara is my new Black Out. It is delightful. And so my obsession with her make up began. But, it’s not cheap, and so I must add her onto my fantasy wish list and you’re about to see why.

Firstly, I’d love her Complete Brush set (£240). I firmly believe good knives make you a better chef, so I’m assuming the same is true in the make up world. This lovely brushes would be a delight and at £240 are just an indulgence too far for me.


There is a cheaper alternative in the Magical Mini Brush Set (£45), and whilst I love the little case, this is a fantasy wish list, so I’m going big.


On top of the brushes, please may I introduce you to her Luxury Lipstick Wardrobe in Matte Revolution. Yes, this is a ‘wardrobe’ of 10 delicious matte lipsticks that all look pretty wearable to me. I’m loving the matte lipstick look and although I’m generally more eyes than lips, I’d like to get my mitts on these.


I also want a Filmstar Bronze and Glow  (£49) to give me a better complexion but I’m not sure this works miracles. But it’s a wish list so why not.


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Day 1: The fantasy Christmas wish list…

We’re not exactly as poor as church mice, but we don’t go in for big money spending in this house. We don’t have the reddies to do it and neither other half or I would feel that comfortable with it.

I know this as years and years ago I got a rather large bonus for a job I was doing and had always wanted a Mulberry handbag (all the women I worked with had one). So I went to the outlet and bought one in the sale (still couldn’t stomach full price in a boutique). Said Mulberry is still sitting in its dust bag, unusued, as having it just didn’t live up to the hype of owning one. I sort of felt embarrassed to be carrying on my arm something worth £350 – I mean, you can buy a car for that. I toy with selling it every now and then but other half keeps telling me to use it and enjoy it. I don’t know why I don’t do that – probably some latent childhood guilt at spending money willy nilly. But I should.

All that aside, doesn’t make me immune to the finer, designer things in life. This week, I’ll be sharing with you my ‘money not much of an object’ wish list.

In no particular order…

Alexander McQueen Skull pashmina.

It’d go with all my coats, it’s warm and practical and… well, I just bloomin’ love it. Currently there is one on Brandalley for £179 (Alexander McQueen sell for £249). Do you think this would go in the sale at £45?


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It’s been a while, but with good reason

Evening all.

So it’s been a while. Sorry about the absence, but times have been a changing for all the outlaws recently.

Husband and I finally made the move to the seaside and into our new home, starting new jobs and making new friends. It’s been incredible so far; tough and challenging to be so far away from our friends and families but also liberating to fulfil a lifelong dream. It’s not all a bed of roses (where did that phrase come from?), but it was absolutely worth it. More on this and shopping for the new pad to come.

In fact, it’s been so good down here, we’ve even managed to persuade @stheoutlaw to take the plunge and move to the seaside too. Only joking. They are moving here, but it’s not down to us. But it makes me insanely happy that my partner in crime will soon be living closer again.

So I’d watch this space if I were you because, in a few months, @stheoutlaw and I will be back in business and here’s hoping a few more dreams will come true along the way.



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Old school decor with new school charm

Currently, I’m coveting plates on walls – ten years ago I’d have hated it. But it’s come back around and I think it’s cute and charming…depending on the plates, of course.

These gorgeous plates available from West Elm are just my cup of tea. I love the quirky animal styling, and the cute outfits.

My picks would be:

Llama and flamingo (obvs)

Bear and Blue Jay (for my other half)

Puffin and shark.

Honourable mention to lobster, moose and octopus.

Ok basically any of them. But I like an odd number, so I either get 3, 5 or 7. Let’s see if my lotto numbers come up.


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I heart art

As I’ve talked about before, I love art and cannot wait to populate my new office with oodles and oodles of prints and photos and random things I’ve torn out of magazines.

My current top squeeze is by Simon C Page and sold by Bluesuntree. “Serious Play” is so gorgeous and I find it inspirational and fun.

I wonder if the other half would enjoy this one as much as me?


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Did I mention I love America?

I do. I love it. I love the people, the hugely diverse landscapes, the culture. In fact, I love nearly everything. I do not love their chocolate or gun/abortion laws. But, this isn’t a political post. This is about this lovely cushion that I think would sit well in my office.

What better way to remember my favourite holidays when I’m working than this super cute historical map cushion. Re-found do fab vintage things – you really ought to have a little explore of their site.


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It’s not just for kids, is it?

My brother had one of those road mats when he was younger and I would spend hours playing on it. I loved cars and driving, probably more than I do now. But they tend to be pretty garish and not at all in comfortable serenity with most interior design.

As you know, I’m always on the lookout for unusual and interesting gifts for our nieces/nephews/godchildren/small people we’re fond of. This has risen to the top of my list.

The Adventure rug is available from This Modern Life and isn’t too pricey at £39; ideal if you’re buying for siblings – more bang for your buck then. And it looks pretty too – no more disgusting car rugs. Instead a scandi inspired monochrome delight.

Surely you don’t have to have kids to get one of these?